Mrs. Price is a character throughout the book who plays a ‘typical mother role’ according to the 1950’s era. She is responsible for many household chores, ensuring her children are taken care of as making sure her husband, Mr. Price is always comfortable and reassured. Now, from a 2012 viewpoint, any person would be able to point out the clear changes that have been made since then. Women are no longer restricted to the home and we are able to clearly voice our opinion with out fear.  

Throughout ‘The Posionwood Bible’ Mrs. Price does not often voice her opinion. In fact she mentions in the novel how often she had wanted to run away and leave everything behind. Knowing her role as a mother and wife, she knew she could not do that. However with an overpowering husband and children to tend to, times were often difficult. 

Mrs. Price also mentioned the fact that she was aware of how Mr.Price treated his children, through verbal neglect, not allowing them to follow him along when they wanted nothing more to than to spend time with their father not to mention physical abuse.

With that said, as a mother and a wife, did she make the right choice to stay by her husbands side through the journey in the Congo? Or should she have taken her children and left? 

Personally I would have to side with the ‘mother’ and take the children out of the atmosphere. Then again, she vowed to her husband to be there, till death do they part and isn’t that worth something?

In my opinion Mrs.Price portrays an evil characteristic in this novel, allowing her children to stay in a somewhat toxic environment. Eventually leading one to death and the others to be scattered and lose contact with their family. 


In this scenario, is it the childrens fault if they are brought up within a symbolically evil presence ? Or do they have time to change their life around once removed from the situation? 

Evil like this surrounds us ever day,  in abusive homes, forceful religious groups, and even within our own school system forcing particular beliefs on children. 

Yet there is no one left standing to take the blame