Rachel Price is a young lady when entering the Congo along side her beloved family. She’s easily identified as unique , as her long blonde hair flows and she has very fair skin. As the years continue to pass, Rachel still manages to remain true to her self as she often catches herself looking in the mirror and every once in a while thinking about her past lifestyle in North America.

In my opinion, she out of all other family members may be one of the only who remained true to themselves. Although she can be seen as selfish and perhaps a bit materialistic , however I challenge you to question, was she the smart and pure one out of this situation?

Yes, she was perhaps not the classic ‘preachers daughter’ and her values were placed on tangible things more so than God. However, she was true to herself, isn’t honesty worth something?

Having married several times, mostly for money, certainly would not be approved had her father been included in the decisions. However towards the end of the novel she expressed happiness and seemed to be satified with her choices.

So the question remains, what does it mean to be a ‘preachers daughter’ and just how much should your parents belief in God influence and control your own set of goals, morals and values in your everyday life ?