Hello its Ruth May here,

I broke my arm because I was being wicked and spying on people; I believe daddy now when he tells me that  even if he doesn’t see me doing something bad, certainly God does and I will be punished anyway.

Mr. Axelroot had to fly daddy and me to the doctor to get a cast. The doctor was a very nice man as for Mr. Axelroot, I can’t say why but he is a bad, bad man and he scares me.

I am starting to get very worried, I overheard Momma and Daddy talking about all of the trouble happening around us.  The other missionary couple, the Underdowns have told daddy that we should go home and momma agrees but daddy says we have to stay.  I don’t know if I want to stay or not.  If momma gets her way I will miss my friends that I have made here.  Daddy will most likely get his way, he always does.  I am scared here.  I am scared of the big dark jungle, I am scared of Mr. Axelroot, I am scared of the green mumba snakes and the big spiders.  Mostly I am scared that baby jesus doesn’t love me; I prayed to him to make me stop being wicked but he hasn’t helped at all.  I am still doing wicked things all the time. 
     I just want to get into bed with momma and never get up again.  Daddy says that being so lazy and staying in bed all the time is wicked too.  Why won’t baby jesus help me and stop my wickedness?