It’s me, Ruth May again,. I wish mama had allowed me bring more Toys. I was only allowed to bring the two and my sock monkey has gone missing. So far the other children only stare at the fact that I’m different, I guess this is how Adah always felt back home.

I heard daddy and mama talking about the neighbours in our village and how many of them have physical defects and how they keep on working anyway. Daddy says it’s a horrible sin that they are not taking care of their bodies; mama said that those injuries are just a side effect of other harsh life.  I still don’t understand the children around me. Mama and daddy say they are starving and yet they all have big bellies, maybe this is part of their punishment of the tribe of Hamm I wonder if daddy looks at Adah the same way he looks at the neighbours as if they deserve it for being a wicked and can’t be saved. I don’t know why daddy would think that if Jesus loves everyone.