I am Ruth May Price, My father is a preacher and he has taken us, My mommy, my sisters and I to do missionary work in the Congo. I am only five years old and only know about the world what my daddy has told me. I am afraid of this trip because daddy read to me the bible story of the tribe of Ham. Ham was Noah’s bad son. Daddy said for the sin that Ham committed he and all his descendants have the physical mark of being dark and that a man named Jimmy Crow said that because they were dark and cursed by God we should live separately from them. I think that may be hard when we are surrounded by them. Shortly after we got to our new village I could see what Daddy meant. Oh boy are they wicked; they hardly wear clothes and that according to daddy and his book is wicked. I am wicked too sometimes, daddy tells me so, I try to be good so I don’t end up like Ham.