Adah- Endgame

I found my endgame; Science. After a long life I have realized I identify with every living creature just as much as I identify with humans. i can not interact with either but I understand their motives; to survive. I do not believe that any one thing is evil. they only wish to exist, at times one things will to exist will cross paths with that of another, predator-prey, humans- virus’. We only view the other as evil because it is affecting our life. I used to look at my condition as evil and having now almost completely lost my limp, i find i miss it, now I am just like everybody else; comfortable. I dont have to fight to survive.


Adah- Ruth May’s Death

It seems to me that the snake is always going for the pure and innocent. First Eve and now Ruth May. I am as paralysed as she looks after I see she has been bitten. How is this fair, after all of the times our family had narrowly escaped tragedy this happens, we should have left the first day we arrived. Mother is back to defending her daughters instead of playing her part, and Father is well I have never known what truly goes through his head but he appears impassive. Never before have I felt evil such as that. The indifference of human life, he was only sad because she was not babtized. This could make me sick.

Adah- Riot

Why would my mother not help me? Is it possible that I, Weak Adah am the only person I can rely on for the rest of my life. I almost died and what i learn is that I want to live. That’s all I seem to know, ironic yesterday the only thing I was sure of is that I didn’t want to live. How a day can change it all


Adah- Religion

Why do people here fall in and out of religions so easily. If one thing happens that sets these people off of a religion they switch and if there is something against them in that one they switch again. Why can’t people set up their own set of beliefs. Why must everyone be identified as to what they believe will happen after they are dead. I am beggining to think that these people do not believe in what they practice they are all in it solely for any rewards they may get.

Adah- The lion

My sister left me alone in the jungle indoubitably angry that she had to walk at a slower pace i order for me to keep. I don’t blame her for walking away, if she hadnt who knows we might both be dead. A lion came and had I not been quick to think and had a bit of luck I would not have survived the lion came accross new prey. Why did the lion not find me? I dont want to live, did the deer want to live I wonder?

Grass as strong as rubber

Alone one strand of grass is weak. But when its strength is put together it can do things you would not thing imaginable, such as hold riquety parts of a carriage together for a few miles. Is this how we work as humans too? because alone we seem weak and frail, but when we have people there for us we are strong and can last for a lot longer. Strength in numbers. So we must stay together in Africa, alone the evil can tempt, or even destroy us, but together we are strong enough to conquer it. If only we could bond together… I wonder if that grass would work for our family.

Adah- Amazing Grace Rendition

Evil, all… it’s sin… alive

Do go… Tata… to God

Sugar don’t…No, drug us

Drawn onward

A he rose…. ye eversore, ha!

Seems more appriate to me especially in this place. Were we not to come to spread God’s grace? It seems to me that all that exists in this place is good backwords; evil. it is all around us and everyone here must always be on constant vigilance for it. Whether it is preditory animals, such as snakes or lions, or even the terrain itself, it is all warped and difficult to manuever. My question is if we view them as evil for trying to hurt us, what word would they use to describe us because evil would not be nearly sufficient enough.

Adah the monster

Why must people always be judged based on how they appear. I walk like a monster, i do not speak except in sounds, so I sound like a monster. However if any of these people took the time to realize what is under an outer exterior they would learn that the beautiful Leah is not so beautiful on the inside, and Rachel is as egocentric as can be. I wonder why it was me and not Leah who lives the condemned life.

Adah 2

My sister fancies herself well versed in the bible, since when has Mr. Hyde been gallavanting araound as Luke and not Dr. Jeckyl? This is one person I can relate to however. I just see everything differently then the normal person would. For example you say snake is a word to describe snake, which it is but is ekans not saying the same thing just backwords. We can learn a great deal about ourselves by going backwords and relooking at what he did or said going forwards.

Adah 1

Is this place as beautiful as Leah suggests? Or along with outer beauty does she too alone have this ability? All I can see in this forsaken place is the same monotonous tones. It has been like this since we arrived. The sun comes up at six and goes down at six like clockwork. Everybody just sits around here staring almost as if they are waiting for something to happen and if they blink they will miss it. Father is over selling this place and disregarding just how truly dangerous it is. father however seems to either not be able to see it or does not care for God shall protect us. Even my condition is a gift from God. I don’t feel so blessed. I can’t speak my thoughts, but this isn’t the curse no one can truly speak their thoughts. I just wish I could walk normally.